Latest Tomviz release (recommended):

tomviz Platform Files
Windows (64 bit, 7+) Tomviz-1.10.0.msi (recommended)
macOS (10.10+) Tomviz-1.10.0.dmg
Linux (64 bit) Tomviz-1.10.0-Linux.tar.gz
Source tomviz-1.10.0.tar.gz
Cryptographic Hashes Tomviz-1.10.0-SHAs.txt

We are currently offering nightly builds of the development version of Tomviz on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please only download these installers if you wish to test the latest experimental builds of Tomviz, the project is under active development and these binaries may have issues.

tomviz Platform Files
Windows (64 bit, 7+) Tomviz-latest.msi
macOS (10.10+) Tomviz-latest.dmg
Linux (64 bit) Tomviz-latest.tar.gz

Historic releases are all available here. The latest source code is available at

Installation Instructions

Windows: Follow the installation instructions, double-click on the Tomviz icon to launch application. Mac OS X: After downloading Tomviz double click to launch installation. After reading the License Agreement, drag the Tomviz icon into your Applications directory – or anywhere else you would like to store the application. The first time you open Tomviz, you will need to right-click on the application icon and select ‘open’. It will ask you if you are sure you wish to open it, click the ‘open’ button. This is only required the first time launching the application. It can be opened by double-clicking after that. Linux:¬†Use the command ‘tar zxvf path/to/tar’ to untar, and run the binary within ‘./bin/tomviz’.

Tomviz S/TEM reconstruction of a nanomaterial system

Tomviz 1.2.1 release (old pipeline, and old state files):

tomviz Platform Files
Windows (64 bit, 7+) Tomviz-1.2.1-Windows-64bit.msi (recommended)
macOS (10.10+) Tomviz-1.2.1-Darwin-64bit.dmg
Linux (64 bit) Tomviz-1.2.1-Linux-64bit.tar.gz
Source tomviz-1.2.1.tar.gz
Cryptographic Hashes Tomviz-1.2.1-SHAs.txt